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As Ireland’s Biggest Summer Festival, Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular (LHCS) is proud of the impact we make on people’s lives, but we also recognise that festival activities can have a significant impact on the environment. 


Our world is rapidly changing and it is our collective duty to change the way we interact with this incredible world, to preserve what we have and recover what has already been affected by modern life. In light of the harmful effects of human activity on the planet, we as a festival aim to take responsibility for our contribution and to reduce this impact.


With over 250,000 visiting our dual city festivals in both Cork and Dublin, for our 15th year and for many more to come, we will be incorporating a number of new and improved Green strategies to help fight against the impact and waste that we as a Festival, and you as our patrons create during the festival weekend. 


We're excited to continue this journey to making LHCS as green as we are able to, by spreading the word to festival-goers, our festival suppliers, sponsors and our overall festival family about positive pro-environmental behaviour and the big impact it has on the environment. We will continue to work as hard as we can on the practical things: from encouraging people to use low-emissions travel to promoting some great new initiatives on waste reduction and pursuing more efficient ways of powering the Festival.

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At Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular we care passionately about the sustainability of our activities in the host parks we call home for two spectacular weekends every July. We are committed to protecting our home - to use its resources responsibly and to reduce our environmental footprint. 


Laya Healthcare’s City Spectacular aims to minimise our festivals environmental impact by; 

  • Operating a three-bin system across the festival site (separating waste into mixed recycling, compostables and general recycling) provided by our waste management contractor. 

  • Prioritising a reduction on all plastic bottles and single-use plastics. 

  • Food traders will be permitted to use only compostable and biodegradable food ware. 

  • Actively seeking partnerships to promote sustainable solutions across some of our key challenges 

  • Working with local organisations to advance a sustainability agenda

  • Aim to positively influence low -emission travel choices by promoting alternatives to private car use during the Festival e.g. working with strategic transportation partners and promoting the city bike scheme as an alternative to driving.

  • Promoting pro-environmental behaviour through our festival programming 

  • Reducing our festival collateral and printing

  • We recognise that achieving sustainability will take time and will encourage all stakeholders to engage with the festival/event in achieving these goals.







Love the Park, Leave No Trace is our festival philosophy but we simply can’t do it without you. There are many ways in which you can help us to protect our environment and the future of the Festival. Here’s what you can do to become a greener LHCS Festival-goer:


  • Plan your Festival with sustainability in mind: If you live in Ireland, can you take the bus train or carpool to Cork & Dublin? Can you walk, bike or take public transportation to the festival venues? Check out our 'maps & timetable' tab for directions!

  • There will be no printed festival brochures on site! Bookmark your must-see Festival highlights using our website ‘What’s On In’ feature. View these events from your mobile phone and waste less time and paper on printing.

  • Please use waste and recycling bins responsibly! It is not ok to drop litter on the ground so help us by putting your waste into the 3 appropriate bins on site; Food, Recyclables, and General waste. Not sure what goes in what bin? My Waste is a brilliant guide and resource!

  • Please limit the amount of single use items you bring to the festival. Bring any snacks, drinks and other items in reusable containers and bring a tote bag for any rubbish you may want to bring home with you. 

  • Use a reusable drinking bottle (we suggest stainless steel bottles as they’re far more solid than aluminium). You can refill for free at our drinking water taps across the Festival site.

  • BYOC: Please Bring Your Own reusable Cup and get some money off your hot beverage order from our vendors across the festival site. 

  • We operate a strictly leave no trace policy and we would greatly appreciate that at the end of each fun filled day, you bring all your belongings home with you. We leave absolutely nothing on site when the festival is over so this is BIG way you can help us to 'love the park and leave no trace'. 


Thank you for helping us to keep our parks beautiful. 

We encourage our staff, volunteers, supporters and visitors to help in our sustainability efforts by considering the environmental impact of their activity at the Festival. 


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