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Expect 1 jam-packed day of unrivalled excitement and entertainment from master magicians, spectacular sword-swallowers, amazing acrobats, surprising stilt-walkers and a cracking-up comedian host - for all ages to enjoy. 



World-Renowned Master Magician & Sword-Swallower - Dublin

If you ever watched a magician and thought that all magic is just an illusion, think again because real magic does exist and Jack is going to prove it.


Former Street Performance World Champion, master magician, cheeky comedian, sword swallower and all round messer, Jack Wise  performs the impossible with unrivalled experience and sure fire delivery. Commonly regarded as one of the best street magicians on the planet, Jack’s astonishing tricks will blow you away.


Watch and be truly flabbergasted at what just one guy can do.

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East African High Skilled Acrobatics & Lively Limbo Troupe - Cork/East Africa

Get ready to limbo, leap and laugh with this high-energy acrobatic troupe. If you have ever seen a street show and thought that you could give that a go... think again… because you can’t do this!


With a trail of accolades to their names, these acrobats are as quick on their feet as they are quick witted. Combining crazy agility and world-class technical skill with a comedic cherry on top, Hakuna Matata Acrobats have toured the globe and are now going to show Dublin what it means to be… well… more agile than every other person you know. Five-star entertainment for the whole family!

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roaming stilt-walkers

Interactive Stilt-walkers - Dublin



Kicking off each show, keep your eyes peeled for the interactive and engaging roving stilt-walkers as they traverse the Fiestaval park creating a colourful carnival environment.




Award-Winning Circus Ensemble Show

- Belfast/Sweden


This year one of Ireland's BEST street performance duo's - Tumble Circus - is getting on their bikes and gathering their high-skilled performer pals to bring their world-famous circus divilment to you!

Join them for their brand new show Cycle Circus as they celebrate circus, the human body and the bicycle all together, getting the audience laughing and cheering right along with them throughout their show.  

This talented ensemble twist traditional and modern circus together to create their own magical blend of family-friendly charm, amazing strength and comedy clowning. Experts in acrobatics,  clowning and slapstick, sometimes all at once! You’ll see why they are considered one of Ireland’s BEST street performers.

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Your Hilarious Host & One of Ireland’s Busiest Comedians -  Dublin / Australia

Join one of Ireland’s busiest and best live comedians Damian Clark as he hosts the jam-packed shows!


This master crowd pleaser is a massive hit at both Irish and international comedy festivals and has something to impress literally everyone - get ready to laugh your face off!


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